We believe in people and in their ability to develop and grow. Our staff are men and women who, day after day, invest the right dose of commitment, professional skills and responsibility, each one in their own unique, important ways.

We believe in excellence: at every instant of our human and professional life, with honesty, respect and loyalty we try to improve all the time to fulfil the ever-changing expectations and requirements of our clients.

We believe in internationality, as we never stop trying to go beyond our limits, listening to and understanding the needs of different countries and different cultures, improving our processes and products. We believe in the future and in our ability to seize opportunities and set new trends as a recipe for success.

We believe in our creativity as we never stop looking for ever-new solutions: all together, we propose and develop new ideas that make us the only authors of our own success.



NEWTEC is a dynamic manufacturer specialising in the design and development of high-tech, innovative Italian-Made machinery with client satisfaction in mind, maintaining extremely high standards in terms of service, competitiveness and worldwide market shares.



NEWTEC Tongiani Srl offers its partners and clients extremely high-quality technological solutions through a continuous product and process improvement approach and the human and professional growth of tits people, who build it day after day with dedication, commitment, skills and heart.

In pursuing its goals and its values, NEWTEC aims at achieving the most excellent standards on the global market.