Air push

Continuous research and testing bring you NEWTEC AIR PUSH pneumatic cushion. Made of a proprietary special fabric that outperforms traditional PVC, NEWTEC’s air cushion is lighter, more wear resistant, and guarantees better mechanical performance and safety levels.


The new range of NEWTEC air cushion is made of a thicker special fabric which enhances its wear resistance and guarantees better mechanical performance and safety levels.
More resistant on mechanical performance - More wear resistant - Increased airtightnessMore wrinkle resistant - More tear resistant


Available sizes*

Dimensions [mm]
Weight [kg]

*Custom sizes available upon request

Technical differences between materials used for air cushions

Characteristic Competitors Newtec Difference
Resistant fabric
Same basic fabric
Exterior coating
Addition of innovative material NTC13 increases material's wear and tear resistance
Final weight of the material
1800 g/mq
1510 g/mq
Up to 3 kg (16%) weight reduction for the 3200x1600 cushion
Average tensile strength
Up to 10% increase on the product's mechanical performance, higher pressure with same opening
no bubbles after 5 minutes
no bubbles after 10 minutes
The material undergoes a technical test in which it is pressured for a certain amount of time. The basic material keeps the same amount of pressure for a longer time without air loss
Wrinkle resistance
500 cycles
1000 cycles
The material is repeatedly flexed to verify the behavior of the fabric fibers and of the exterior coating under repeated loads. The material can be folded, thus opened and closed between the marble sides, more reliably
Wear and tear resistance
Weight loss during test
No weight loss during test
The material undergoes a wear and tear test in which a pad is pressed and rubbed against it. Our material guarantees a more reliable use, since it is considerably less subject to damages

Repair kit

- Glue
- 1 mt x 10 cm rolls of fabric
- Repair instruction manual

Accessories for cushion AIR PUSH

Pneumatic power pack

Thanks to our air supply system, you can independently inflate, deflate, and hold the air of up to four cushions, with instantaneous pressure level detection.
Pressure can be adjusted progressively and, thanks to a check valve, each cushion can be inflated and deflated even while the marble is being detached from the mountain side. This eliminates any chance of explosion.


The POWER PACK Kit includes:

  • Control panel (man portable stainless steel)
  • Support stand (foldable tripod)
  • Inflation / deflation pressure gauges
  • Inflation / deflation control valves
  • Pressure regulator
  • N.1 20 ATM 13x23 tube
  • N.4 20 ATM 10x19 tubes
  • N.2 20 ATM 6x14 tubes

Optional accessories:

  • Fast deflation kit (VENTURI TUBE): system complete with M/F connections, inlet-oulet detection valves, fittings and connection pipes
  • 20 ATM 10x19 Y tube complete with push in fittings