Newtec is pleased to launch on the market a revolutionary equipment that reinvents the divarication method:

The deflating system, an innovative equipment that associated with multiple hydrobags (double and triple) allows you to spread more than one and a half meters, sometimes managing to overturn the bank without using the excavator with greater safety for the operator, less wear of machinery and blocks.


The system essentially consists of two phases which can be repeated:

  • first inflation phase, where an opening of about 30 cm is reached with the double hydrobag, 40-50 with the triple hydrobag;
  • second phase of deflation where the hydrobags slide down into the bank to the desired height and then inflate them again and obtain a greater spread on the front.


The Deflating System can handle 6 single, 3 double or 2 triple hydrobags at the same time.

Compatible with all pumps. An innovative equipment in anodized aluminum which, combined with a multiple hydrobag (double and triple), allows you to spread even more than 2 meters, sometimes managing to overturn the bank without using the excavator and therefore without damaging the block.

Compatible with every pump.



There are lots of advantages, in particular:

    • More safety for the operators;
    • Opening well beyond one meter and a half;
    • Less wear on machinery;
    • Less risk of compromising the integrity of the block.



The deflating system is made of anodized alluminum and composed as follows:

  • 6 complete bindings of stainless steel valve 316 and rubber rack for hose assembly.
  • 1 pressure gauge for reading the working pressure of the system during the different phases of inflation and deflating.
  • 1 stainless steel handle to facilitate its transport and assembly on pump assemblies.
  • 2 stainless steel feet.
  • 1 inlet pipe to be connected to the pump units.
  • 1 exhaust pipe.

The equipment is light, it weighs only 15 kg, it is functional and meets the required safety limits in terms of maximum permissible pressures.



Discover more in the videos below!